Juan Pedro Ronconi


I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics at Brown University.  I am an applied microeconomist working on development economics, political economy, and entrepreneurship.

Starting in Fall 2023, I will join as Assistant Professor the School of Business and Economics at Universidad de los Andes, in Chile.

In my job market paper, I study the role played by compulsory military service in nation-building. Specifically, I estimate the long-term impact of serving in the military on national values, civic values, and social integration, and document the main channels through which military service affects these outcomes. 

My other work includes analyzing the behavior of entrepreneurs in developing economies, including the use of narratives as a market strategy and whether cheap & scalable interventions addressing behavioral constraints can improve their performance during a major business opportunity

I have also studied the impact of football rivalries on social cohesion in Latin America and am currently exploring how military service affects social mobility.

You can read about my projects here.  

You can find my CV here.

Twitter: @jpronconi